Are you ready to finally understand the concept of flourishes?

There’s good reason to be afraid of creating flourishes, and that’s what this course is for, revealing the simple and understandable structure behind it that anyone can learn. Get the clarity you were looking for.

What you will find in this course

the loop connecting spirals

Right ingredients

Which type of flourishes do you need and how to mix them for a beautiful outcome

entrance and exit points

Ideal connections

How and where do you connect flourishes with letters for a more beautiful solution

letter a with flourishes<br />

Complex artworks

What is necessary to consider creating flourishes in a composition

Do these sound like you?

• I don’t know where to start my flourishes and once I got a good one, the next flourish is messing it up again

• I feel frustrated because the more flourishes i add the more chaos results and my flourishes look like spaghetti

• Did you know that learning flourishes is like learning a new alphabet with only three letters! To make it work you need to curate these forms, and still people think flourishes should come out immediately with ease

Do these sound like you?

• I don’t know where to start my flourishes and once I got a good one, the next flourish is messing it up again

• I feel frustrated because the more flourishes i add the more chaos results and my flourishes look like spaghetti

• Did you know that learning flourishes is like learning a new alphabet with only three letters! To make it work you need to curate these forms, and still people think flourishes should come out immediately with ease

You learn the essence

The pieces of knowledge you get in this course are precious and gained over many years. So you accelerate your growth diving into it in a very short time

Creative toolbox

Knowing how to flourish will enrich every artwork and will give you the tools to explain flourishes to your students as well

Practice will form you

The practice sheets in this course give you the right direction where to focus on. If you keep doing these, no doubt your flourishes will improve

The ingredients of the Course

The ingredients of the Course


Level: Everybody who wants to improve flourishing

Language: English (Subtitles + transcript)

Format: Pre-recorded

Material: Lecture sheets, practice sheets and transcript

Duration: Video length in total 4 hours and 47 minutes

Tools: Pencil or any other tool you prefer


Step 1: The course starts with form types of flourishes

Step 2: Then you learn all about the letters and their connections to flourishes

Step 3: Here we analyse and learn about the details of different styles and how to achieve them

Step 4: Now all steps come together and you learn about the essential details and how to create complex compositions

Testimonials of ‘The Flourish Online Course’

Adeline A. - Calligrapher & Engraver
»I came across The Flourish Club through the Typism Summit and was struck by how practical the flourishing exercises introduced are. True to its reputation, The Flourish Online Course exceeded my expectations and made the flourishing process all the more intentional for me.
Intuitive and enjoyable, The Flourish Online Course turns the art of flourishing into a science. The lessons and practices build muscle memory and enable me to apply the techniques of flourishing to my calligraphy smoothly and easily. I could already see a difference in the way I flourish after completing Module 1 with its 4 lessons!« Adeline A., Calligrapher & Engraver
Calligrapher Aarti Tewari

»I can’t express enough how much I’ve enjoyed this course! Robert really went above and beyond, sharing his wealth of insights and practical tips on flourishes. The depth of information is impressive, and it’s clear that a lot of thought went into crafting each module. It’s not just a course; it’s a comprehensive guide that I believe will have a lasting impact on anyone looking to delve into the art of flourishes. Investing in this course will undoubtedly benefit you in the long run. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone eager to master the intricacies of flourishes.« Aarti T., Calligrapher + Artist

Anindita B.- Calligrapher

»Robert’s Flourishing course offers a comprehensive, well-structured guide for all skill levels. With clear instruction and ample practice materials, it’s an invaluable resource for anyone aiming to elevate their calligraphy or lettering with elegant flourishing. The course provides expert guidance and extensive exercises, making it a top choice for developing & refining flourishing skillsAnindita B., Calligrapher

composition with bigger flourishes
Original flourished lettering
letter a with flourishes<br />
Decorated letter A with flourishes and leaves

There are no secrets creating flourishes

Former students sometimes talk about my unique method explaining and demonstrating flourish decisions. I would rather say it is the result of clarity and my step-by-step structure in this course is easy to follow.

The reasonable length of the videos is another aspect i appreciate in online courses. I have no patience for too long videos if they don’t provide necessary information.

Invest in yourself to get the clarity for flourishes you were looking for and to improve your own artworks. We never feel ready when it is time to take a step ahead.

You have two choices to master flourishes

basic flourish combination

Self-Study Course

• 16 video lessons well structured
• 11 detailed demo videos
• 33-pages practice book
• curated lecture sheets
• tips and considerations
• a composition tutorial
• deep analysis of flourish compositions
• 3 golden flourishes in detail
• different types of flourish connections
• Variety of flourish combinations
• flourish strategies
• extensive analysis of styles
• aspects about negative space
• visual conflicts
• more little but important flourish tips

Bonusmaterial: 38-pages workbook „Flourish Variations”

Feedback: Detailed feedback of your work sent per mail (1-3 pieces)

Level: Intermediate

$ 375 USD

incl. 19% Tax
an expert flourish form combination

Self-Study + Coaching

The complete self study online course

+ Coaching 2 x 60 minutes on Zoom. It is the perfect addition to the course for questions, analysis and to point out specific areas to improve your flourishing game

Feedback: Additional 2 rounds detailed feedback of your work prior to each session

Level: Intermediate

Languages: English, Italian or German

$ 575 USD

incl. 19% Tax

More testimonials of ‘The Flourish Online Course’

Orsi Kolonics - Lettering Artist

»Flourishes can create balance, underline the message and please the eyes. I always admired (my) lettering heroes’ work and I often got a bit disappointed, because it felt like I could never create something similarly advanced or extraordinary. The great thing with Robert’s online flourish course is, that he breaks down the complexity of flourishes to a few basic forms. That gave me the courage to start and has made me feel, that I could create something beautiful too. It takes, of course, lots of practice. However, the course has a system and a logic, which is easy to understand and follow. The exercises have guided me through the jungle of flourishes carefully. I have learned it gradually – I am still learning! This course has taken away the struggle and now, I am not afraid anymore to experiment and play around with flourishes.« Orsi K., Lettering Artist


Sylvia-Chen-Calligraphy and Lettering

»Those who love flourishes, and want to learn more, know just how frustrating it can be to find an online course that will actually guide you through this difficult journey. Robert is one of my favorite flourish artists. His beautiful flourishing work has inspired many followers all over the world. Fortunately Robert has designed an online course that will make your learning easy and productive. The course provides excellent features: It is well-structured and the instructions are clear. It takes you by the hand and teaches you how to flourish step-by-step. The concepts of flourishing are well-explained, and the tips and rules presented are easy to remember and follow. Included are great videos with clear introductions and explanations of all you need to know in order to flourish sensibly.

The practice sheets and supplementary exercises, along with the videos (with transcripts) reconsolidate your knowledge and skills. Robert inspires you with flourishing ideas, and implements his unique flourishing techniques through the course with examples that are well-illustrated. I especially love the “Tips and Traps” features in the course videos, they make learning flourishing like an exciting expedition and exploration. After learning all the 3 Modules, you will not only know how to appreciate and analyze flourishing styles, but also how to flourish alphabet, letters and even long quotes. And eventually, with enough practices and reviews, you’d be able to flourish like a pro. I highly recomment this wonderfully practial and informative course for those who have had already experience but would like to gain more insights and improve their skills of flourishing, as well as for all flourish-lovers.« Sylvia Chen, Lettering & Calligraphy

You start or have some experience with flourishing

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