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The Flourish Club is the right place to learn flourishing

Learn how to flourish properly.

Here you find everything to learn and improve your flourishing as a calligrapher or letterer.

10K in a flourished version

Do you feel overwhelmed when you want to create beautiful flourishes?

• You might think, beautiful flourishes are only possible with really fancy curves, and in the end your curves look rather messy

• You feel overwhelmed and not capable because of too many options for flourishes

• Did you know how to ride a bike with your first attempts?

Screen with a flourish


Our courses online or Zoom are well structured and comprehensible for all levels

Flourishes in a stellar circle


You will loose your fear, get the clarity you were looking for to finally create your flourishes with confidence

Pile of practice sheets


The practice sheets are focussed on the aspects which really matter to improve your flourishes

Students say about working with Robert

“The Flourish seminar was of great value for the number of sessions Robert has compiled together. We were provided with detailed workbooks for each session in addition to a master workbook for flourishing. This is a great combination of classes and there is something for everyone. Robert’s teaching style is very detailed and he took his time to resolve each of our queries during sessions. The feedback provided on homework was elaborated which is what I needed exactly to understand where to improve. I would definitely recommend this class for anyone who wants to seriously study flourishing to increase their knowledge or just for fun.” Apoorva Wright, Calligrapher

“The opportunity to meet Robert, absorb his knowledge, watch him draw, get feedback from him and connect with like-minded classmates, is something I can’t recommend enough. His impact on my work is clear as day and I’m thankful for that.” Daniel Ribeiro – Lettering, Calligraphy and Design

I recommend every flourishing enthusiastic to take courses with Robert and here is why? He is open minded, instructions are really really easy to understand. Worksheets given before every class helped me a lot to understand every topic properly. Robert provides feedback as well after every class which is again really helpful to correct mistakes. Someone who is serious about taking their calligraphy/lettering skills to the next level, make the right investment by taking this course” Mohita – starastronaut calligraphy

“Robert Bree’s Flourish Seminar is excellent, and I highly recommend it.
I liked the Seminar format, mainly because of the weekly assignments and the possibility of rewatching the classes. Robert is a kind and dedicated teacher; his feedback was always constructive and helpful. I learned a lot.” 
Maria – Calligrapher

The Flourish Delight is coming the 24th of June!

Logo of "The Flourish Delight", a Beginners Course

The Flourish Delight

Self Study

The perfect course to start or improve your flourishing journey. Get the knowledge you need right from the start and keep building your skills.

2 Modules: 8 lessons + Special

Bonusmaterial: 44-pages new “Guide to Flourishing

Level: You are a beginner or in your early years of experience 

incl. 19% Tax
Logo of the flourish online course

The Flourish Online Course

Self Study

A complete course to give you all the tools to improve your flourishes with more detailed knowledge to refine your skills

4 Modules: 16 lessons

Bonusmaterial: 36-pages workbook „Flourish Variations”

Feedback: Detailed feedback of your work sent per mail (1-3 pieces)

Level: Intermediate

$ 375 USD

incl. 19% Tax

Blackletter B with flourishes
Rules for flourishes
Accanthus leaf
Flourished capital letter D

Three simple steps to get started

Step1: Download the free “Flourish Menu” and learn properly right from the start!

Step 2: Sign up for the new Flourish Delight, a Self Study course to start your journey as a flourisher.

Step 3: Join personal coaching to get your work analysed for further improvements and to learn on an individual level to become a better flourisher.

word flourishes drawn with pencil<br />

You just need a pencil

My workshop and approach to flourishes is called often „unique“. I describe it „simple“, because I like to break down any decision when it comes to flourishes to make it easy and transparent.

A good course with profound knowledge can save you a lot of time. Regarding the time you need to spend don‘t worry about the quantity because when you start slowly and keep doing it, you will automatically change the time you invest in your craft. Consistency is key, not quantity.

What you learn today, will put you in a different position some day in the future to be able to learn something different again.

Hi, i am Robert

lettering artist and the host of the Flourish Club. Flourishes were the main reason why i started lettering 10 years ago. I was amazed by the quality of flourishes and swashes which can enhance a lettering to a masterpiece.

So i started to gather any bit of knowledge i could get. With the Flourish Club, that wisdom is collected and well prepared to help you overcome all possible struggles on your journey because I‘ve been there.

+100 workshops held

+10 years of Lettering experience

+20 years in Graphic Design

+1000 students taught


Typism Book 4/6/7/8/9 • Arscribendi • Handschrift • Copperplate Special Interest Group

Copperplate Special Interest Group of Joy Daniels - Cover
number 8 with flourishes and floral elements
Typism books piled up
Article in Arscribendi, magazine about calligraphy
Flourished composition
Typism Book 9 pubblication
Article in "Handschriftmagazin", a magazine about calligraphy, lettering and handwriting
Cover of Arscribendi
A tree made out of the alphabet
Cover of "Handschrift"

You start or have some experience with flourishing

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