Logo of the Flourish Club

The Flourish Club:

The Flourish Club is a space for anyone with a passion for flourishes. You are a letterer, a calligrapher or a handwriter, the passion for these beautiful curves brings us all together. 

Born in 2021

The Club started in April 2021 on Instagram during the pandemic. Miranda Songer, a calligrapher from England, helped a lot in getting the account noticed. The Flourish Club became popular within the international creative community in a short time, because of several reasons.

We feature every second Friday a new artist with work examples, which is called Friendly Friday. The chosen artist shows a short bio, a portrait and some questions about flourishes. People love to get to know the artist behind the account, that is helpful to come closer in our anonymous online world.

The monthly challenge

The monthly challenge

The monthly challenge is open to anyone, regardless of your experience. You have three options to choose from. Create a letter, a word or a quote. Or you can do all three options. The only thing we expect to see are flourishes, no matter which style or tool you use.

Join the monthly challenge on IG, just look out for our postings every 1st of the month or look into the highlights on the The Flourishclub.

Learning Loops Logo

Learning content 

We like to point out specific details about creating flourishes. The educational postings are called “Learning Loops” and put a spotlight to the subtle aspects of creating beautiful flourishes.

If you want to learn more about flourishes, please check out the upcoming Flourish Online Course, which is a complete Self-Study Course for calligrapher or letterer. The Earlybird Period will be closed on the 28th of November. So take advantage of it now!

During the last two and a half years, we have also shared various other content besides the regular schedule shown above. LIVE interviews, tutorials or raffles have been part of the program. But if you have an idea what else could be good for Flourishclub to help the creative community sharing the same passion, let me know.