The Magic Wave:

Rose with flourishes

Beautiful flourishes look sometimes like a magic wave, when they transform plain text into an enchanting visual experience. Of course it has to be well made, not every piece of flourished art gives me that impression.

Learning about flourishes more deeply, there are certain ingredients which can provide a magic elegance you just can’t take your eyes off. One of these subtle pieces are harmoniously placed S-curves.

I call them magic when they are part of a piece and give you that mesmerising visual impression.

The Art of Harmony

When executed skillfully, S-curves can be seamlessly integrated with other flourishes and letters to form a perfect visual symphony. They create a visual rhythm, guiding the eye and lending a sense of flow to the composition.

Usually you won’t find just one S-curve in such beautiful pieces, sometimes you’ll see two and sometimes many more. S-curves can also help with single flourishes or flourished single letters.

a flourished lowercase 'a'

Symmetry is essential for the magic wave

If you use more than one S-curve in your flourished object, and you are able to create some sort of symmetry, subsequently it could be already enough for a magic wave.

But it is not about just finding symmetry, you need to add the right balance, furthermore a good position and other missing flourishing pieces to complement the whole to let it shine.

And don’t neglect the letters. Before you start to flourish, learn the letters first.

Brush Lettering and flourishes

If you focus too much on symmetry you can fail and leave many important aspects out. Letters and other flourishes are as valuable as the right position of S-curves.

But don’t worry, flourishes are like a music orchestra. You need to pay attention to many details. When you get just a glimpse of managing that, you might already feel the beautiful possibilities when all pieces come together in a way you maybe couldn’t imagine.

The power of the S-curve

In the calligraphic world you observe a vast use of S-curves, not only in combination with letters. There are calligraphers who can create any form only with S-curves.

So that gives you an idea how versatile S-curves are and the reason why they can solve many design solutions within your flourishing artworks.

S-curves used in a composition

For those seeking to conquer the world of flourish design, the journey begins with a keen eye for detail and a heart open to creativity.

Start with the basics, and with the right tools, adding a touch of imagination, one can uncover many beautiful ways to flourish anything.